About Us

3 Star Lettuce is a direct to farmer conventional, certified organic and controlled environment agriculture seed company that specializes in developing, producing and marketing quality lettuce and specialty crop seed varieties of all types.

We understand the efforts and challenges farmers face; From planning their crops, planting the seed, all the way through harvesting. We know if you do not start with the right seed, you will not finish with the best harvest. While bringing the same level of commitment to research, development and disease resistance to our products as global suppliers, we offer product customization, personalized seed trials, flexibility, speed and partnership that global suppliers can’t provide.


Our Seed Varieties

We are driven to focus our research and development, product development, and sales directly in the regions that our farmers grow in order to help them achieve success with our seeds. We are partners with farmers in understanding their needs through a direct relationship.  3 Star offers a full range of lettuce seed varieties for growers including specialty lettuces, spring mix, red and green leaf, romaine and iceberg lettuce.


Summer Internships

We are looking for rock star candidates to join our team as summer interns.  Learn more about our summer internship positions and apply here.

Our website currently under construction.  Check back soon for more about our company, products and exciting new announcements!

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3 Star Lettuce - Gonzales, CA